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From boxes and beyond, plastic breathes more life than humans! But did you know, close to 91% of all plastic isn't recycled. So what is it that we are buying, and at what cost? BioPick is here to help you make a change. We create leakproof, sustainable and recylable products from natural sugarcane fibre! Choose from a wide variety of curated collection of tableware including plates, bowls, containers, straws, trays, and more! Not only are these products leakproof, but can handle boiling and freezing temperature, and can retain liquids too. Unbox a green initiative with Bio Pick!


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Why Choose Us



We ensure minimal solid waste during our manufacturing process, advocating for sustainable, eco-conscious, and economically efficient approaches. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we strive to minimize waste generation



Biopick passionately advocates for the concept of reusability, encouraging the youth of India to transition towards embracing reuse as a pivotal measure in mitigating environmental pollution across various domains, including but not limited to air, water, and land.



A significant facet of our overarching vision aimed at nature and natural resource conservation involves the diligent adoption of recycling practices. Through comprehensive waste recycling endeavors, we ascertain heightened productivity, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of our nation's well-being




Our paper straw are biodegradable and made from materials that are sourced sustainably. They are durable and long lasting in any type of liquids. They are made up of 3-ply and 4-ply of paper as per client requirement.



Sugarcane bagasse is a non-edible fiber that remains after sugar manufacturers extract juice from the sugarcane stalks. It is 100% natural, non-edible and renewable. Along with that, it is the perfect match for the requirements of the food and beverage industry and a perfect alternative to extremely harmful single-use plastics.


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